Rachel Gregor

Rachel Gregor is a fine artist living and working in Kansas City, MO.  She graduated from Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 and has studied abroad at Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy.  She was born and raised in Minnesota.

Working in traditional mediums such as oil paint, gouache, and chalk pastel, Gregor seeks to create psychological portraits of young girls that tip-toe between the line of realism and artificiality.  The figures are caught in a single moment between the mundane and the melodramatic; wide-eyed and wistful, the girls become frozen in a state somewhere between boredom and shock. The figures are surrounded by mid century floral patterns and crocheted blankets, suggesting a domestic setting much like a doll house or diorama.  

Accompanying her figurative work, landscape scenes and still life compositions cross the boundaries between the extravagant, overly composed, and the mundane.  Images of garden cultivars and native wildflowers are common themes throughout Gregor’s work.