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Flowers From Home...// Risograph Zine

Flowers From Home...// Risograph Zine


"Flowers From Home; A Collection of Illustrated Native Wildflowers from Minnesota to Missouri"

16 page Risograph Zine. 3 color cover and 2 color inside.
First Edition of 53, signed and numbered.
5.25" x 5.25"

Includes 9 illustrations of still-lifes composed of native wildflowers found through out the upper mid-west. This project was a way for me to feel more connected to the two places I've called home so far in my life, my upbringing in Minnesota and where I live now in Missouri. Each illustration is carefully composed and display flora from various seasons and locations like prairies, wet lands, and forest floors. Includes very common to rare wild native flowers, and each illustration is accompanied by a list of the botanical names of each plant in the illustration. Botanical names are listed alphabetically, so you the viewer can partake in your own exploration and research to identify the plant names with the specimen, and learn about the flora that grows in the mid-west!

Due to the process of risograph printing each zine is unique and may vary from listing.

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